Taking care of someone shouldn't have to be this difficult.

Prescription Management

Storing and retrieving medication information has never been easier! Anyone with permission can easily view and record the administration of medication for all residents using a phone.

Medication Chart

Calendar & Reminders

Forgetting events will soon be a thing of the past! Store all your important events and appointments in our platform so you get SMS reminders for everything.

Nurse using phone

Assessments and Data Collection

You can design your own online forms for data collection and regular assessments. You can also upload documents and store incident reports so that you have a full timeline of events for every resident.

Doctor using computer

Inventory Tracking

Track and record all usage of items by residents using our app. No need to maintain ledgers or separate software!

Nurse using phone

Payments & Invoicing

Easily generate invoices for residents using the custom pricing for them and all the items they have used. We even have inbuilt support for emailing these invoices and tracking partial payments!

Person printing invoice

Family Portal

Give family members access to a portal where they can view vitals, exchange messages and see their invoices all in one place!

family looking at computer

These are just some of out features. Interested in knowing more and upgrading your facility?

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